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  • The New England Fifty Finest is a list of mountains in New England, used in the mountaineering sport of peak bagging. The list comprises the fifty one summits with the highest topographic prominence — a peak's height above the lowest contour which encloses that peak and no higher peak. This list differs substantially from lists of peaks by elevation, such as the New England 4000 Footers. For instance, Mount Washington, the highest peak in New Hampshire's Presidential Range, has an elevation above sea level of 6,288 ft. It has a prominence of about 6,150 ft, because it stands that high above its key col — the lowest ground on the ridge line connecting Washington to the higher peaks of the southern Appalachian Mountains. Washington's key col happens to be at the Champlain Canal in New York, the lowest ground on the water divide between the watersheds of the Hudson and Saint Lawrence Rivers. None of the other peaks of the Presidential Range are on this list because, while several have elevations above 5,000 ft, none have prominences of even 1,000 ft, because they are connected to Washington by ridge lines that are nowhere below 4,900 ft.