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  • Nick Messe is a successful entrepreneur who developed a group of proprietary technologies and methodologies which provides in depth analysis  of online and offline business opportunities. Nick orginally founded Lead Frog LLC to provide private business consulting services to companies looking to take full advantage of these market opportunities. Lead Frog LLC dedicates itself to capturing significant online market share for its client partners based on organic search engine traffic. Lead Frog LLC perfers to work with clients who have aggressive performance goals which match up with Lead Frog's common mission statement " swallow the market whole for our clients". That goal is related to traffic generation, organic keyword phrase rankings, high percentage conversion rates, high quality lead generation, off line marketing enhancing online activity and online brand building.A natural extension of the Lead Frog's success was the development of Lead Baron LLC.  Lead Baron's purpose is to provide a constant flow of highly qualified leads to its clients.  These leads are generated from Lead Baron's extensive marketing network online.  A combination of organic search engine traffic, email marketing and traditional off line approaches has allowed Lead Baron to quickly beome a leader in the industry.  Today, Lead Baron is one of the largest suppliers of leads in highly competitive business verticals such as legal services, health and beauty, financial services and business development

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