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  • Ning is a company co-founded by Marc Andreessen (of Netscape fame) and Gina Bianchini. It launched its service in October 2005. Ning is an online platform for creating social websites and social networks. The websites running on its service are built in standard PHP and the platform itself is built in Java. Ning hopes to compete with large social sites like MySpace and Facebook by appealing to users who want to create networks around specific interests or have limited technical skills. The unique feature of Ning is that anyone can make a full copy of the types of social websites and social networks that are popular today and customize them for a particular topic or need, catering to specific audiences.
  • Ning is an online platform for people and organizations to create custom social networks, launched in October 2005. Ning offers customers the ability to create a community website with a customized appearance and feel; feature sets such as photos, videos, forums and blogs; and support for “Like”, plus integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo!. Ning, Inc. is owned by Glam Media and, like the operating company, has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The service allows customers to charge for membership directly within their Ning Network. Customers can also monetize by using services provided through partnerships established by Ning, and adding display advertisements, such as Google AdSense, to their Ning Network. There are over 90,000 social websites, known as Ning Networks, running on the Ning Platform. Ning offers 3 plans to its customers: Mini, Plus and Pro. The plans are offered with varying feature offerings and range in price so that customers can choose a plan that best fits the goal for their community. Once a plan is chosen, a customer can change it to another plan at any time.

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