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  • A Nissl body, also known as Nissl or tigroid substance, is a large granular body found in neurons. These granules are rough endoplasmic reticulum with rosettes of free ribosomes, and are the site of protein synthesis. It was named after Franz Nissl, a German psychiatrist who invented the Nissl staining method. Nissl bodies can be demonstrated by a method of selective staining developed by Nissl, using an aniline stain to label extranuclear RNA granules. This staining method is useful to localize the cell body, as it can be seen in the soma and dendrites of neurons, though not in the axon or axon hillock. Due to RNA's basophilic properties it is stained blue by this method. Nissl bodies show changes under various physiological conditions and in pathological conditions they may dissolve and disappear.