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  • Nubeluz was a Peruvian children's show airing from 1990 to 1996. The show was produced by Panamericana Televisión and aired through Perú's Channel 5, who credit the General Production to Rochi Hernandez. The show was written by Alonso Alegria, Maritza Kirchhausen, Catalina Lohmann, Clara María Cavagnaro and Fernando Gagliuffi, and was usually hosted by two or three young girls called Dalinas. Nubeluz's main contribution to the genre was the creation of an alternative world made of 'nube' and 'luz', with its own language, called 'glúfico', and its own peculiar manners and customs, where two weekly fiestas were held. Nubeluz featured several competitions between children divided into two colored teams, always red and yellow, plus songs and dances, some with overt messages, performed by the Dalinas, interspersed with cartoons. The female back-up dancers were called Cíndelas, and the male back-up dancers were known as Gólmodis. The competition was also set to its own musical score, played in the background exclusively while competition was in progress. This musical score included an acoustic, instrumental remix of the song "Rock This Town" by the Stray Cats.

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