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  • Omar Devone Little is a fictional character on the HBO drama The Wire, portrayed by Michael K. Williams. Omar is a notorious Baltimore stick-up man, frequently robbing street-level drug dealers. Omar has several unique characteristics that are likely responsible for his popularity with viewers, including: his strict personal morality, whereby he both refrains from harming innocents and from using profanity; his characteristic face scar and use of a shotgun; his homosexuality and privately tender nature, held in obvious contrast from typical notions of masculinity attached to violent criminals; and his use of haunting whistling as presage to his robberies. Central throughout Omar's trajectory is his steady descent into intractable conflict with both the Barksdale and Stanfield organizations, in both cases initiated by his robberies. Omar is also noted for his close relationships with his partners, and with his guardian and ad hoc banker Butchie. The character is based on Baltimore area robber and hitman Donnie Andrews. In Season 5, Episode 8, it is stated that Omar is 34 years old.

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