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  • Onkosh was an Orascom Telecom product that functioned as a search portal for the Arabic Web. Onkosh was launched in September 2007 and closed down on August 11, 2010. Comparative Arabic web search websites that are still operational include Yabhath and Yamli. Onkosh understands the Arabic language and utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing techniques to ensure that the best Arabic results for search queries are received. It offers services that aid the ease of Arabic search such as the virtual keyboard and another unique feature called Bel-3araby, which is used to search for Arabic using English characters and popular character replacements like "3" for "ع" and "7" for "ح". Onkosh provides the following search sections : Web Search - Search through the Arabic web and some English and French content. Image Search - A comprehensive Image Search service built upon Picsearch Blog Search - Searches through all Arabic and Arab-related blogs. Has a popular videos section that display the top videos shared by bloggers. File Search - Searches for multimedia files like music, videos, wallpapers and ringtones. Forum - Searches through popular Arabic forums

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