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  • "Falcon celebrates it's 99th and 100th releases with this two-part flick. This part stands on its own as a near-classic of the genre, but seeing both is a must; they racked up a ton of 1995 awards. One of Falcon's most hyped (and most worthy) is an absolute must-own (along with it's companion piece Other Side of Aspen 4). The make-my-knees-weak Hanson is a sluttish ski instructor, and perennial bottom-boy Chad Knight is his ever-trusting boyfriend. Hanson can't seem to keep his thick, gag-inducing dick in his pants (thankfully for us!) and poor Chad is forever left home alone. Memorable scenes include Hanson reaming the hell out of surfer-boy Cort Stevens, and a hot three-way shower with the humongously endowed Carl Erik, Rick Drake and the "bigger than Johnny Holmes" Kevin Dean. There's also some really rough buttplay that you'll either fall head-over-heels for, or fast forward through, depending on your preferences. (Watch for Ray Butler and the electro dildo.) We end with a cliffhanger: Chad's snowmobile runs out of gas, and he must walk through the wintry countryside. But after viewing this video, you'll have enough warmth to help him recover! A Falcon classic that - along with its even better half, The Other Side of Aspen IV (FVP100) - is a keeper." Quoting a review by Keeneye Reeves

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