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  • جمهورية بولندا الشعبية ar
  • República Popular de Polonia es
  • Польская Народная Республика ru
  • Polská lidová republika cs
  • Λαϊκή Δημοκρατία της Πολωνίας el
  • جمهورية بولندا الشعبية 1944-1989 ar
  • Republica Populară Polonă ro
  • 波兰人民共和国 zh-CN
  • Republik Rakyat Poland ms
  • Repubblica Popolare di Polonia it

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  • The Polish People's Republic was the official name of Poland from 1952 to 1989. From 1944 to 1952, Rzeczpospolita Polska was the name of the Polish state. It was regarded as a satellite state of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union had much influence over both internal and foreign affairs, and Red Army forces were stationed in Poland. In 1945, Soviet generals and advisors formed 80% of the officer cadre of the Polish Armed Forces. The Polish United Workers' Party became the dominant political party, officially making the country a Communist state.

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