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  • In photography, a perspective control lens allows the photographer to control the appearance of perspective in the image; the lens can be moved parallel to the film or sensor, providing the equivalent of corresponding view camera movements. This movement of the lens allows adjusting the position of the subject in the image area without moving the camera back; it is often used to avoid convergence of parallel lines, such as when photographing a tall building. Lenses that provide only shift are called shift lenses, while those that can also tilt are called tilt-shift lenses. The terms PC and TS are also used by some manufacturers to refer to this type of lens. Short-focus perspective-control lenses are used mostly in architectural photography; longer focal lengths may also be used in other applications such as landscape, product, and closeup photography. PC lenses are generally designed for single-lens reflex cameras, as rangefinder cameras do not allow the photographer to directly view the effect of the lens, and view cameras allow for perspective control using camera movements. A PC lens has a larger image circle than is required to cover the image area.