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  • Lister and Rimmer are constantly getting into trouble. After playing a practical joke on Ackerman they are forced to play in an inmates vs guards basketball game and win by putting erectile solution in the guards drinks. Punishment for that is to peel potatoes for the next three weeks and to make that go faster they steal a programmable virus to peel them but it ends up eating their clothes and hair. Punishment for that is to spend three weeks in the Hole where they meet Birdman, who has been in there for nine years and has only one friend, a sparrow named Pete. Meanwhile Kryten, Cat and Kochanski are sent aboard a derelict ship where they find a device which can change the time stream surrounding an object or person to make it move extremely slow or fast and decide to use it to make their prison sentences go by in a flash. On Red Dwarf they freeze the crew and break Lister, Rimmer and Birdman out of the hold.
  • Pete is a two-part episode from the science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf's eighth series. Part I was first broadcast in the United States on 7 March 1999 and then on the British television channel BBC2 on 25 March 1999. The second part was broadcast the same day as the first part in the US and on 1 April for the British broadcast. The first part was written by Doug Naylor and the second was written between Naylor and Paul Alexander. Both parts were directed by Ed Bye.

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