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  • Peter Tufts was a prominent early citizen of Medford, Massachusetts, and ancestor of Charles Tufts who donated land for the Tufts University campus. The Peter Tufts House is still standing; it is believed by some historians to be the oldest all-brick house in the United States. Peter Tufts immigrated from Wilby, Norfolk, England to Charlestown, Massachusetts where he is recorded in 1637 "on the Malden side." By 1638 he owned 43 acres there. In early 1647 Peter, along with William Bridge, became ferryman on the Mystic River, succeeding Philip Drinker in that role. This ferry, later known as the Penny Ferry, served the inhabitants of Malden and the upper towns until 1787 when it was superseded by the Malden Bridge. By 1647 Peter had located to Malden, Massachusetts where he was one of the earliest and largest land owners; he also owned land on Mystic Side. Tufts' involvement in the Salem witch trials was thus described in the 1889 History of Malden: Peter Tufts of Mystic Side, who many times during a long life appears in court records and files, and not always as a desirable neighbor, also complained of them [Elizabeth Fosdick of Malden & Elizabeth Paine of Mystic Side]...

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