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  • The President of Germany is the head of state of Germany. As Germany has a parliamentary system of government with the Federal Chancellor running the government, the President has mainly ceremonial and supervisory duties. He can give direction to general political and societal debates and has some important "reserve powers" in case of political instability. All federal laws must be signed by the President before they can come into effect; he can only refuse to sign a law that he believes to violate the constitution. The President is elected by the Federal Convention, a body established solely for that purpose. The first official residence of the president is the Bellevue Palace in Berlin. The President's second official residence is the Hammerschmidt Villa in Bonn. The first presidential office in a republican Germany was created in 1919, replacing the emperor as head of state, with Friedrich Ebert serving as the first president. The presidential standard, adopted in 1921, is still used today. While Germany had a semi-presidential system during the Weimar Republic, today's presidential office is mainly supervisory and ceremonial, with the Chancellor of Germany generally seen as wielding the effective power. Wikipedia

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