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Also known as
  • Pulicerova nagrada za nacionalno izveštavanje sr
  • Pulitzerova nagrada za nacionalno novinarstvo hr
  • Pulitzerova nagrada za unutarnje izvještavanje hr
  • Pulitzer-Preis / Berichterstattung im Inland de
  • Pulitzerjeva nagrada za nacionalno novinarstvo sl
  • Penghargaan Pulitzer untuk Laporan Nasional id
  • Premi Pulitzer per Reportatge en Periodisme Nacional dels EUA ca
  • Пулітцерівська премія "За кращий матеріал на загальнонаціональну тему" uk
  • Пулітцерівська премія "За репортаж загальнонаціонального значення" uk
  • Βραβείο Πούλιτζερ Εσωτερικού ρεπορτάζ el
  • This Pulitzer Prize has been awarded since 1942 for a distinguished example of reporting on national affairs. In its first six years, it was called the Pulitzer Prize for Telegraphic Reporting - National.

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Year Award winner Winning work Ceremony Achievement level Notes/Description
  • -
  • For his stories on the plan of the Truman administration to impose secrecy about the ordinary affairs of federal civilian agencies in peacetime.
  • -
  • For consistent excellence covering the national scene from Washington.
  • -
  • For his series on the clearing of Communist charges of Professor Melvin Rader, who had been accused of attending a secret Communist school.
  • -
  • For his exclusive article of April 21, 1951, disclosing the record of conversations between President Truman and General of the Army Douglas MacArthur at Wake Island in their conference of October, 1950.
  • -
  • For his article called 'The Great Deception,' dealing with the intricate arrangements by which the safety of President-elect Eisenhower was guarded enroute from Morningside Heights in New York to Korea.
  • -
  • For his exclusive publication of the FBI Report to the White House in the Harry Dexter White case before it was laid before the Senate by J. Edgar Hoover.
  • -
  • For publishing a series of articles which were adjudged directly responsible for clearing Abraham Chasanow, an employee of the U.S. Navy Department, and bringing about his restoration to duty with an acknowledgment by the Navy Department that it had committed a grave injustice in dismissing him as a security risk. Mr. Lewis received the full support of his newspaper in championing an American citizen, without adequate funds or resources for his defense, against an unjust act by a government department. This is in the best tradition of American journalism.
  • -
  • For his original disclosures that led to the resignation of Harold E. Talbott as Secretary of the Air Force.
  • -
  • For his distinguished national correspondence, including both news dispatches and interpretive reporting, an outstanding example of which was his five-part analysis of the effect of President Eisenhower's illness on the functioning of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.
  • -
  • For his persistent inquiry into labor racketeering, which included investigatory reporting of wide significance.
Year Award Nominee Nominated work Notes/Description Ceremony
  • For their rigorous reports on flawed regulation of the nation’s oil pipelines, focusing on potential ecological dangers posed by diluted bitumen (or "dilbit"), a controversial form of oil.
  • For their aggressive coverage of the deadly national outbreak of fungal meningitis traced to a compounding pharmacy in suburban Boston, revealing how the medical regulatory system failed to safeguard patients.
  • For their fresh exploration of how American drones moved from a temporary means to kill terrorists to a permanent weapon of war, raising issues of legality and accountability.
  • For their exposure of questionable practices on Wall Street that contributed to the nation’s economic meltdown, using digital tools to help explain the complex subject to lay readers.
  • For his revelations of how life insurance companies retained death benefits owed to families of military veterans and other Americans, leading to government investigations and remedial changes.
  • For its examination of the disastrous explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, using detailed reports to hold government and major corporations accountable.
  • For their tenacious reporting on how design flaws and weak federal oversight contributed to a potentially lethal problem with Toyota vehicles, resulting in corrective steps and a congressional inquiry.
  • For their examination of the nation’s financial collapse and notably on the involvement of Goldman Sachs.
  • For their relentless exploration of America’s network of immigration detention centers, melding reporting and computer analysis to expose sometimes deadly abuses and spur corrective steps.
  • For their exhaustive reports on how political interests have eroded the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency and placed the nation’s environment in greater jeopardy, setting the stage for remedial action.
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