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  • Rastriya Gaan was the national anthem of the Kingdom of Nepal until May 19, 2006, being replaced by Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka in August 2007 when the century-old national anthem was suspended by the House of Representatives. It was adopted in 1962, as a homage to the ruler of Nepal and the country's national anthem. In English it may be called "May Glory Crown You, Courageous Sovereign" or "May Glory Crown Our Illustrious Sovereign." The music was composed by Bakhat Bahadur Budhapirthi in 1899, and the lyrics were written by Chakra Pani Chalise in 1924. The song originally had two stanzas, but the government of Nepal dropped the second stanza when it was officially adopted as the national anthem. The remaining stanza honoured the king. After the April movement for democracy, the anthem was abolished as it was widely accused of being just a tune for monarchical glorification instead of representing the Nation as a whole.

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