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  • Rave music may either refer to the late 1980s/early 1990s genres of acid, breakbeat and techno, the first genres of music in the world to be played at raves, or any genre of electronic dance music that may be played at a Rave, such as rave, techno, jungle, big beat, hardcore, happy hardcore, jumpstyle, breakbeat hardcore, gabber & acid. Very rarely, the term is used to refer to less electronic related genres such as glam rock, power pop, psychedelic rock and dub parties. The genre "rave", also known as 1980s hardcore by ravers, first appeared amongst the acid movement during the late 1980s as a reaction to New Beat. While New Beat usually borrowed an aggressive industrial sound, rave tended to borrow New Beat's elements that were harder than acid house, while retaining the neutral mooded sound of acid house. Rave tended to be a happy genre that favoured synthesized melodies over the duller sound of the TB-303 in order to attract a wider audience. The genre was later re-established as oldskool hardcore, which lead onto newer forms of rave music such as drum and bass and jazzstep, as well as other hardcore techno genres, such as gabber, hardstyle and happy hardcore.

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