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Also known as
  • ...denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun (Scope-Trailer)
  • Rebel Without a Cause: Special Edition
  • ...denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun
  • Rebel Without a Cause is a 1955 American drama film about emotionally confused suburban, middle-class teenagers. The film stars James Dean, Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood. Directed by Nicholas Ray, it offered both social commentary and an alternative to previous films depicting delinquents in urban slum environments. Over the years, the film has achieved landmark status for the acting of cultural icon James Dean, fresh from his Academy Award nominated role in East of Eden and who died before the film's release, in his most celebrated role. This was the only film during Dean's lifetime in which he received top billing. In 1990, Rebel Without a Cause was added to the preserved films of the United States Library of Congress's National Film Registry as being deemed "culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant". The story of a rebellious teenager who arrives at a new high school, meets a girl, disobeys his parents, and defies the local school bullies was a groundbreaking attempt to portray the moral decay of American youth, critique parental style, and explore the differences and conflicts between generations. The title was adopted from psychiatrist Robert M.

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  • Jim Stark - a kid from a 'good' family - what makes him a bomb?
  • Teenage terror torn from today's headlines.
  • The overnight sensation of 'East of Eden' becomes the star of the year!
  • Jim Stark... a kid from a 'good' family - what makes him tick... like a bomb?
  • Warner Bros. put all the force of the screen into a chellenging drama of today's juvenile violence!
  • ...and they both come from 'good' families!
  • The bad boy from a good family.
  • To Belong...and be loved.
  • Warner Bros'. challenging drama of today's juvenile violence!

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