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  • Rehan Jalil has over 15 years of technical managementand sales experience in telecommunications, networking and multi-core processors. Prior to WiChorus he was the chief architect for Aperto Networks and played diverse leadership roles in technology and sales. Aperto was a key contributor of technology that became part of IEEE802.16 and was a founding member of WiMAX Forum. He developed multiple generations of broadband wireless silicon, carrier-grade base stations and terminals, and alsobrought in multi-million dollar orders. Thesesystems are used to deploy networks globally, in over 75 countries, by more than 400 operators. At Sun Microsystems, he helped develop one of the industry’s earliest advanced multi-core multithreaded processor for throughput computing and graphics applications. Part of the technology is now used in Sun’s 32-threaded Niagra Rock processors. At Siemens, he managed projects related to system-level design and implementation. He also contributes to social entrepreneurship projects and is a charter member of OPEN Silicon Valley, was the founder of MentorPlatform and is on board of Koshish. He has over 18 patents pending and graduated with an MSEE from Purdue University.

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