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  • Rent-A-Cop is a 1987 action comedy crime film written by Michael Blodgett, Dennis Shryack and directed by Jerry London.
  • Rent-a-Cop is a 1988 action / comedy / crime film starring Burt Reynolds and Liza Minnelli. Reynolds plays a disgraced police officer, now working as a security guard, who falls in love with Minnelli, who plays a prostitute. The film helped both lead actors to be nominated for the 1988 Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Actor and Worst Actress.. Minnelli ended up "winning" the Worst Actress prize. The film earned under US$300,000 in American ticket sales. IMDb lists the film as having debuted in 1987 because the movie came out in West Germany in November 1987, two months before its American premiere. Although set in Chicago, the movie was mostly filmed in Italy.

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Film release region Release Date Film regional debut venue Film release distribution medium
  • 1988
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  • 1987
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  • 5/23/2000
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