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  • Freebase is growing, and as we get more and more people joining us to use and contribute data we’re finding it more and more important to actively support our community. Historically, support for Freebase has come from Metaweb employees, but that’s changing as time goes on. Many of our contributors are knowledgable experts too, and we wanted to recognise those people and help them be even more effective. So, we created the Experts group. These people are marked as Experts in the Freebase domain, and are also identified on their user profile page.Freebase Experts' activities include:Peer support. You may see one of these “gold star” people around in the discussions on Freebase, helping support new users or those with questions. Keeping Freebase clean. We’re currently discussing processes for spam management and how to guide people away from contributing “junk” data. Certain administrative tasks. We don’t really have many regular admin-only tasks, but one of them is breaking ties in the review queue. We’re hoping to get our experts to help us with this, and any other such tasks that come up.The Freebase Experts Hub provides lots of reporting tools and other information about new users, most active bases, topics needing review, and more. (Note: We also can't promise that all of these tools will be up and running all the time, but we'll do our best to keep the engines running. Let us know if there are other tools you'd like to see.)If you’re wondering how our experts were chosen, or how to join the programme, we’re looking for people who have been active, regular contributors to Freebase for some time, and we’re aiming for a mix of skills and interests. The user profiles and histories of the current experts should give you some idea of what we’re looking for. If you’d like to nominate someone (even yourself), let us know.

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