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  • The Richmond–Fremont line is a Bay Area Rapid Transit line in the San Francisco Bay Area that runs from Richmond station to Fremont station. It has 18 stations in Richmond, El Cerrito, Berkeley, Oakland, San Leandro, Hayward, Union City, and Fremont, and is the only BART line that does not reach San Francisco. It shares all of its tracks with other BART lines on weekdays and Saturdays before 7pm. BART colors this line orange on maps but does not refer to it by color. As BART's only line that does not cross the San Francisco Bay, it is alternatively called the East Bay line or Land line. The Richmond–Fremont line was the first of BART's five lines to open. Service from MacArthur to Fremont began on September 11, 1972, the first day of BART operation. The line was extended to Richmond on January 29, 1973. Initial fares were $1.00 for Fremont to MacArthur and $1.10 for Fremont to Richmond. Due to an electrical fire at the Hayward Maintenance Yard on May 10, 2008, BART temporarily suspended service on the Richmond–Fremont line south of Bay Fair on weekdays and Saturdays. Full service resumed on July 14, 2008.