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  • "An appropriately revealing, insightful and controversial study of the gay adult filmmaking industry, focusing on several of the subjects chronicled in the filmmaker's earlier doc on the same subject. REVIEW" Cycles of Porn is a revealing, scintillating and non-judgmental glimpse into a world where sex, art and business collide in the City of Angels. It's been seven years since the filmmaker's first documentary portrait, and director Jochen Hick now checks in with some of his previous subjects: adult film stars Kevin Kramer, Cole Tucker, and Matt Bradshaw, who are either still in the business or have retired. Kramer comes across as sad, quite a contrast from his interviews in the prior film. But sexuality is constantly evolving, and styles, tastes and even technology provide a new supply of up-and-coming talent. We meet the young inhabitants of a web cam-outfitted house who approach sex as an opportunity to make money so they can pursue their own dreams. This titilating trip to Chi Chi LaRue's Live & Raw Hotel is very hot, but a tad of a downer as the performers reveal a bit more than just their penises. The director also has quite a bit of footage from the bareback porn company Hot Desert Knights. These scenes are pretty damned shocking and also expose a lot more than their participant's cocks. The owner of Hot Desert Knights passionately explains his reasons for making condom-free porn. Exploring the dreams, disappointments and reality of the gay adult industry with insight and humor, Cycles of Porn will certainly be one of the most widely discussed and controversial films of the year." Quoting a descripton by TLA and a review by Lawrence Ferber
  • Documentarian Jochen Hick returns to the gay adult film industry to further explore topics originally broached in his 1998 film Sex/Life in L.A. in this effort that finds him interviewing a few familiar faces and interviewing the actors and filmmakers of bareback porn outfit Hot Desert Nights. A visit to a house specially outfitted with numerous web cams shows how the internet has adapted to serve the needs of gay porn connoisseurs, and Hick's non-judgmental approach makes for an illuminating look at a little explored subject matter.

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