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  • The Shakai Taishūtō was a moderate leftist political party in early Showa period Empire of Japan. The Shakai Taishūtō was founded by Abe Isoo in July 1932, as a merger of the Shakai Minshūtō with the Zenkoku Rōnō Taishūtō. In a period of increasing extremism in politics, the new party attempted to maintain a middle-of-the road approach, which inevitably resulted in a confused policy. On one hand, the Shakai Taishūtō supported agrarian reform and pushed for improvement in the lot of the farmers by cutting the military budget; on the other hand, it cultivated ties with the Tōseiha political faction within the Imperial Japanese Army, and supported Japanese aggression in Manchuria. The Shakai Taishūtō advocated increased international cooperation and opposed Japan's withdraw from the League of Nations, but at the same time supported the invasion of China in 1937. It was the only leftist party allowed to function in the 1930s, it emerged as the third largest party in the Lower House of the Diet of Japan, with 36 seats after the 1937 General Election.

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