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  • Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, was a preeminent Bengali nationalist leader of Bangladesh. He headed the Awami League and was the first President of Bangladesh during the Bangladesh Liberation War, and later became Prime Minister in independent Bangladesh. He is popularly referred to as Sheikh Mujib, with the honorary title of Bangabandhu. His eldest daughter, Sheikh Hasina, is the present leader of the Awami League and the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh. As a student political leader, Mujib rose in Bengali politics and within the ranks of the Awami League. An advocate of socialism, he became popular for his opposition to the ethnic and institutional discrimination against Bengalis, who comprised the majority of Pakistan's population. He demanded increased provincial autonomy, and strongly opposed the military rule of Field Marshal Ayub Khan. At the heightening of sectional tensions, Mujib outlined a 6-point autonomy plan. He was tried in 1968 for allegedly conspiring with the Indian government but was acquitted. Despite leading his party to a major victory in the 1970 elections, Mujib was not invited to form the government.

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