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  • Sibelco is a Belgian mineral and metal extraction company. It has over 245 production units worldwide for the extraction, production and distribution of the main industrial minerals quartz, cristobalite, nepheline syenite, plastic clay, and olivine. The company also produces the industrial minerals barite, bentonite, calcite, dolomite, hydromagnesite, kaolin, feldspar, wollastonite, talc and huntite. The company extracts and refines various types of sand and minerals. These mainly relate to silica sands for industry. Today, Sibelco is the global market leader in this sector with production sites all over the world. SCR-Sibelco was founded in 1872 by Stanislas Emsens, and is one of the oldest companies in Flanders today. The administrative headquarters of Sibelco Belgium are situated in Antwerpen. Sibelco is owned by the Belgian family, the Emsens, one of Belgium's richest families. In Flanders, silica sand is found in two regions: Maasmechelen and the region of Dessel-Mol-Lommel. Sibelco concentrated its operating offices here. The development of Sibelco remains closely linked to the Flemish quarries and their silica sand.

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  • Plantin Moretuslei 1A