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Also known as
  • 나이트로프루사이드나트륨 ko
  • 펜타사이아노나이트로실철(III)산나트륨 ko
  • 펜타시아노니트로실철(Ⅲ) 산나트륨 2수화물 ko
  • 펜타시아노니트로실철(Ⅲ)산나트륨 ko
  • SNP ko
  • 니트로프루시드소다 ko
  • 硝普钠 zh-TW
  • Sodium nitroprusside is an inorganic compound with the formula Na₂[Fe(CN)₅NO], usually encountered as the dihydrate, Na₂[Fe(CN)₅NO]·2H₂O. This red-colored sodium salt dissolves in water ethanol to give solutions containing the free complex dianion [Fe(CN)₅NO]2−. This compound is used as a drug. In this role it is abbreviated SNP, and it has tradenames like Nitropress. It acts as a drug by releasing nitric oxide; it belongs to the class of NO-releasing drugs as a result. This drug is used as a vasodilator to reduce blood pressure. Sodium nitroprusside is also used as an analytical reagent for the detection of methyl ketones, and for the detection of amines that are often found in illicit drugs.

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