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  • Spectrangle is a triangular tile-based abstract strategy game invented by Alan John Fraser-Dackers, Maxwell Graham Gordon and Lester Wynne Jordan. The principles behind the game are based on the work of British mathematician Percy Alexander MacMahon. The original game was for up to 8 players and used 60 tiles. A later more compact version for up to four players uses 36 tiles. It is this version that is described here. The game uses colourful double-sided triangular playing tiles called trangs. The trangs use all the permutations of red, yellow, green, cyan and magenta to give 35 unique trangs, plus one all-white 'joker'. Each trang is marked with a number that is the basic scoring value of that tile. The trangs are played onto a triangular game board; some of the spaces are marked with a number that is the bonus value of the space.

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