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  • Square kilometre or square kilometer, symbol km², is a decimal multiple of the SI unit of surface area, the square metre, one of the SI derived units. 1 km² is equal to: 1,000,000 m² 100 ha It is also approximately equal to: 0.3861 square miles 247.1 acres Conversely: 1 m² = 0.000001 km² 1 hectare = 0.01 km² 1 square mile = 2.5899km² 1 acre = about 0.004047km², 0.4047ha or 4047 m² 2.47 acres/ha Note: "km²" means ², square kilometre or kilometre squared and not k, kilo–square metre. For example, 3 km² is equal to 3ײ = 3,000,000 m², not 3,000 m². Note also that if a piece of land, say a large park, is described as five kilometres square, that means it has the shape of a square, each side of the square being five kilometres long. This means that the park has an area of twenty-five square kilometres.