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  • Tin(II) fluoride, commonly referred to commercially as stannous fluoride, is a chemical compound with the formula SnF₂. It is a colorless solid used as an ingredient in toothpastes that are typically more expensive than those that use sodium fluoride. Stannous fluoride converts the calcium mineral apatite into fluorapatite, which makes tooth enamel more resistant to bacteria-generated acid attacks. In toothpastes containing calcium minerals, sodium fluoride becomes ineffective over time, while stannous fluoride remains effective in strengthening tooth enamel. Stannous fluoride has been shown to be more effective than sodium fluoride in reducing the incidence of dental caries and controlling gingivitis. Stannous fluoride is used under the trade name "Fluoristan" in the original formulation of the toothpaste Crest, though it was later replaced with sodium monofluorophosphate, or "Fluoristat." It is the active ingredient in Crest Pro Health brand toothpaste. Crest Pro Health issues a warning on the tube that stannous fluoride may cause staining which can be avoided by proper brushing, and that its particular formulation is resistant to staining.

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