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  • The Super-Sons were a pair of fictional characters in an alternate version of the DC Comics universe. The characters were created by Bob Haney and Dick Dillin. The duo first appeared in World's Finest Comics #215. They were based on imaginary tales about the sons of Superman and Batman with Lois Lane and Kathy Kane. Batman's imaginary son was seen first in Batman #131, Batman #145, and Batman #163. The Super-Sons first appeared together in World's Finest Comics Vol 1 #154. They later inspired the characters Joel Kent and Bruce Wayne Jr in Superman & Batman: Generations I the sons Superman and Batman fathered with Lois Lane and Julie Madison. The Super-Sons were Superman Jr. and Batman Jr., college-aged versions of their superhero fathers. Their mothers are never fully shown – their faces either being hidden or turned away from the reader – and are never referred to by name by their husbands, but would appear to be Lois Lane or Lana Lang and Talia al Ghul or Selena Kyle or Silver St. Cloud. Later it is revealed they don't actually have mothers since they are AI programs in a computer simulation created by Superman and Batman.