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  • Chula is Cat R. Waul's main lackey. He's very eccentric, sadistic, and a bit on the insane side. He often does Waul's dirty work, such as giving Fievel 'the flying ahh', plugging up the water tower in Green River, and keeping Fievel trapped in a bottle while Waul was distracted by Tanya. He then proceeded to place the bottle over a candle and burn Fievel; that's his sadistic side. He tends to enjoy his job maybe a little too much. He is given a far different voice and personality in Fievel's American Tails. He seems far more tame, and even becomes friends with Fievel in one episode, though still a villain again by the end of the episode. Waul often hits him over the head with his cane and calls him an imbecile.

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