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  • Taechon County, also spelled Thaechon County, is a kun, or county, in central North Pyongan province, North Korea. It borders Taegwan and Tongchang to the north, Unsan and Nyongbyon to the east, Pakchon and Unjon to the south, and Kusong to the west. Mountains are scattered across the county, with the Pinandok mountains rising in the east. The tallest of these is Paegundoksan, but the county's highest point is in the north, at Samgaksan. The county is drained by the Taeryong River and its tributaries, which include the Chonbang River and Changsong River. The year-round annual temperature is 8.5 °C, with a January mean of -10 °C and an August mean of 23.8 °C. The annual rainfall is 1,338 mm. On average, there are 40 foggy days per year. Some 64% of the county's area is forestland, while 30% is cultivated. Crops raised on the cultivated land include maize, rice, tobacco and vegetables; Taechon leads the province in maize production. In addition, various animals are raised including silkworms, rabbits, cattle and hogs. There are numerous deposits of gold and graphite. The Chongnyon-Palwon Line railroad passes through the county, on its way between Kusong and Kujang.

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