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  • Take One Founded by three "graduates" of the McGill Film Society—Peter Lebensold, Adam Symansky and John Roston -- Take One was the first serious English-Canadian film magazine. This—first of the two Canadian film magazines entitled Take One—gave due attention to the newly emerging Canadian film scene, but was international in scope. It was inexpensive, and aimed to publish bi-monthly—a goal which it rarely achieved. The magazine attracted some of the best film journalists of the time -- and often filmmakers themselves. Symansky and Roston having left after an issue or two, Lebensold carried on alone as Editor and Publisher. Joe Medjuck was another McGill Film Society alumnus who became involved with the magazine—initially as a Toronto "correspondent", and then as co-Editor/Publisher. The magazine continued briefly to publish after the departure of founder Peter Lebensold, under the editorship of Phyllis Platt but folded shortly afterwards, in 1979, after 81 issues.

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