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  • Tauno Valdemar Palo was a Finnish actor and singer in what some consider the golden age of Finnish cinema. He was born Tauno Brännäs, but changed his name to Tauno Palo in 1935. Ansa Ikonen frequently played as his leading lady in films. His most famous roles were perhaps in Kulkurin Valssi, and Vaimoke. He appeared with actress/singer Birgit Kronström in the 1941 romantic comedy "Onnellinen ministeri", which included the famous song "Katupoikien Laulu", remade by other Finnish pop singers including Katri Helena. In Kulkurin Valssi, he uttered perhaps the most famous words in the history of Finnish film, "I will be remembered not as the mere shadow of the man I once was, but as the mere shadow of the man I am now."

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