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  • The Battle of the Z Boys was a boxing fight between Mexicans Carlos Zarate and Alfonso Zamora, who were, respectively, the WBC and WBA World Bantamweight titleholders. Held in Inglewood, California on April 23, 1977, the bout was not recognized as a unification fight by either of the sanctioning bodies without any specific reason given for withholding the sanction. As it turned out, the fight was one of the most-anticipated 10-round fights in history among boxing fans. Alfonso Zamora was the first one of the so-called "Z boys" to become a world champion, when he knocked out Soo Hwan Hong in four rounds on March 14, 1975 in Inglewood. He defended his title three times before Zarate had his first world title shot; one of his challengers was Eusebio Pedroza, the future WBA world Featherweight champion, whom Zamora defeated by knockout in two rounds in Tijuana on April 3 of 1976. Zarate, for his part, won the WBC world title one year and two months after Zamora became WBA world champion, on May 8, 1976, when he defeated defending champion Rodolfo Martinez by an eighth round knockout in Inglewood. Zarate and Zamora were both once trained by the same man, Arturo Hernandez.