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  • Cherryholmes was an American bluegrass band from Los Angeles, California, made up of six members of the Cherryholmes family: father Jere, mother Sandy Lee, daughters Cia Leigh and Molly Kate, and sons B.J. and Skip. Shelly, the twenty-year-old daughter of Jere and Sandy Lee, died unexpectedly in March 1999. In of that year. In April Jere and Sandy Lee took the family to a local bluegrass festival, after which they and their children started learning to play bluegrass music. Jere already played electric bass and acoustic guitar. Sandy played many instruments including guitar, piano, and some fiddle and mandolin. Cia, 15, began learning guitar. B.J., 11, and Molly, 7, began the fiddle. Skip, 9, began the mandolin. Jere switched to upright bass and Sandy took the mandolin. They began playing in April; in July they auditioned, and were hired, for their first gig at Oak Tree Village, Oak Glen in the San Bernardino Mountains. From then they played regularly a amateurs at bluegrass venues and festivals throughout Southern California and Arizona. In 2000 they turned professional.

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