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Also known as
  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
  • O Mundo Imaginário de Dr. Parnassus
  • Parnassus - O Homem Que Queria Enganar o Diabo
  • Parnassus: Czlowiek, ktory oszukal diabla
  • O Mundo Imaginário do Doutor Parnassus
  • O fantastikos kosmos tou Dr. Parnassus
  • Das Kabinett des Doktor Parnassus
  • El imaginario del Doctor Parnassus
  • The Mirror of Dr. Parnassus
  • El imaginario mundo del Doctor Parnassus
  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is a 2009 fantasy film directed by Terry Gilliam and written by Gilliam and Charles McKeown. The film follows a travelling theatre troupe whose leader, having made a bet with the Devil, takes audience members through a magical mirror to explore their imaginations and present them with a choice between self-fulfilling enlightenment or gratifying ignorance. Heath Ledger, Christopher Plummer, Andrew Garfield, Lily Cole, and Tom Waits star in the film, though Ledger's death one-third of the way through filming caused production to be temporarily suspended. Ledger's role was recast with Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell portraying transformations of Ledger's character as he travels through a dream world. The film made its world premiere during the 62nd Cannes Film Festival, out of competition. The film, which was budgeted at $30 million, grossed more than $60 million in its worldwide theatrical release. The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was nominated for two Academy Awards in the categories Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design.

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