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  • The Soft Pink Truth is an experimental house music side-project from Drew Daniel, one-half of experimental electronica duo Matmos. Daniel started the project on a dare from Matthew Herbert that he couldn't produce a house record. Do You Party?, the first album from The Soft Pink Truth, was released in 2003, and featured, among other original songs, a cover of Vanity 6's Make up. In 2004, Daniel followed up with The Soft Pink Truth's second album, entitled Do You Want New Wave, a reference to a song by Minutemen. The album consisted entirely of house covers of classic hardcore and punk songs including "Do They Owe Us A Living?" by Crass, 'Homosexual' by The Angry Samoans and "Real Shocks" by the Swell Maps. The Soft Pink Truth also has recorded a number of remixes, including one for Björk's single "It's in Our Hands". As of 2005, The Soft Pink Truth is still touring and DJing around the San Francisco Bay Area. In October 2007 Drew Daniel announced on his site that he is creating new music under the guise of The Soft Pink Tube. It is a temporary alter ego to release his new project in the same vein as Matmos and The Soft Pink Truth, with all samples coming from the results of specific search queries on YouTube. Examples include Party, Awesome, America, and Iraq. Despite the album being about 80% finished, Drew has stated that it may not see a near future release due to his teaching obligations. Wikipedia

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