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  • The Space Odyssey series is a series of science fiction novels by the writer Arthur C. Clarke. Two of the novels have been made into feature films, released in 1968 and 1984 respectively. Two of Clarke's early short stories may also be considered part of the series. Short stories: "The Sentinel" — short story written in 1948 and first published in 1951 as "Sentinel of Eternity" "Encounter in the Dawn" — short story first published in 1953 Novels/Films: 2001: A Space Odyssey — film and novel — produced concurrently and released in 1968 2010: Odyssey Two — 1982 novel, adapted as the 1984 film 2010 with screenplay by Peter Hyams 2061: Odyssey Three — 1987 novel 3001: The Final Odyssey — 1997 novel The 2001 screenplay was written by Clarke and Stanley Kubrick jointly, based on the seed idea in "The Sentinel" that an alien civilization has left an object on the Moon to alert them to mankind's attainment of space travel. In addition, the 1953 short story "Encounter in the Dawn" contains elements of the first section of the film, in which the ancestors of humans are apparently given an evolutionary "nudge" by extraterrestrials.
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  • うちゅうのたびシリーズ
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