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  • Tooheys New is a standard Australian lager and the most popular of the Tooheys' beers owned by the New Zealand Lion Nathan beverages company. It can be found on tap at almost any bar in New South Wales, it is currently gaining popularity in Queensland, although it is not so common in other states. It was first brewed in 1930. It was marketed in cans and bottles as Tooheys Draught, however this was changed to Tooheys New in 1998 for consistency. Currently Tooheys New is official sponsor of the New South Wales Rugby Union's club competition, is the official beer of the Wallabies and sponsors the Melbourne Cup. Through 2006, it was also naming sponsor of the Australian section of the Super 14 Rugby Competition, but was replaced by Investec Bank after their sponsorship contract expired. In the mid-1970s the beer was successfully promoted with a jingle 'I feel like a Tooheys or two', one of the more successful campaigns in Australian advertising. The jingle's ubiquitous presence registered such that when school children were tested and asked to complete the following: ‘I feel like…’ For the vast majority there was only one right answer: ‘A Tooheys’.

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