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  • TV Regular Personal AppearanceAdded the type "TV Regular Personal Appearance" which will hold things like the host of a show. This is parallel to the recently added "TV Guest Personal Appearance" type for episodes. Connected this to TV Program and a new type "TV Personality", which is a cotype applied to people who regularly appear on TV shows.Personal appearance role (was Non-Character Role)Renamed "Non-Character Role" to "Personal appearance role". Left programmatic key the same for backwards compatability. We need to eventually add an additional key.Hid "Appeared on TV program" property.Reciprocated "TV Regular personal appearances"TV Regular Performance (was "Regular TV Appearance")Renamed "Regular TV Appearance" (a decidely bad name) to "TV regular performance". Did not update the key, though (as above). Will add an additional key when there is alias support.Hid "Non-character Role" propertyHid Seasons property. This was causing confusion among users.TV ProgramReciprocated property "Regular personal appearances"Renamed "Regular cast" to "Regular acting performances"TV SeasonHid "Regular cast". This was causing confusion and was mostly redundant with the information in "TV Program"TV Producer TermAdded a "Producer Type" property and created a new type called "TV Producer type" that holds things like "executive producer", "associate producer", etc.