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  • The Type 381 was one of the first Chinese naval 3D search radar employing FRESCAN technique developed by the Nanjing Marine Radar Research Institute / No. 724 Institute. Initial versions were deployed on Jiangdong class FFG and Luda command variant class to provide long range surface search. The original version Type 381 won the 1987 First Prize of the National Science and Technology Progression, and it is judged by western intelligence as the Chinese equivalent of American AN/SPS-39. Type 381 radar is able to simultaneously detect 50 targets and tracking 10 of the 50. A follow-on of Type 381 is Type 381Jia, which can simultaneously detect 80 targets and track 20 of the 80. An enhanced and upgraded version with dual band back to back canted antenna in similar fashion to the Russian 'TOP PLATE' radar have been introduced, with designation as Sea Eagle S/C. These were installed on the Type 054A frigate as well as the Type 051B destroyer, Type 051C class DDG.