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  • Vanna Bonta was an Italian-American poet, novelist, essayist, actress, inventor and artist's model. She wrote Flight: a quantum fiction novel. As an actress, Bonta played "Zed's Queen" in The Beastmaster. She performed primarily as a voice talent on a roster of feature films, such as Disney's Beauty and the Beast, as well as television. One of her poetry collections was awarded a gold medal book prize by the Italian Minister of Culture and Florentine Poetry Society, and, on 13 November 2013, a haiku by Bonta was launched from Cape Canaveral on the NASA spacecraft MAVEN to Mars. Bonta invented the 2suit, a flight garment designed to facilitate human intimacy and stability in microgravity environments of outerspace. The spacesuit was featured on The Universe television series, which followed Bonta into zero gravity to film a documentary titled Sex in Space that aired in 2009 on History Channel and opened worldwide discussion of human colonization of other planets. Another Bonta invention, described in Wired, is a shoe with a telescoping heel that converts from a flat into heels.

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