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  • Victorialand is the fourth album by Scottish band Cocteau Twins, released by 4AD in April 1986. Working without member Simon Raymonde, who had been enlisted to work on This Mortal Coil's Filigree & Shadow album, vocalist Elizabeth Fraser and guitarist/producer Robin Guthrie produced a record almost completely devoid of percussion, drenching acoustic guitars in reverberant space to create a wide, expansive sound that borders on ambient. The title refers to the part of Antarctica known as Victoria Land after Queen Victoria. Several song titles seem to have polar themes, including "How to Bring a Blush to the Snow", "Feet-Like Fins", presumably about pinnipeds, "Throughout the Dark Months of April and May", which could be about the beginning of the South Polar winter, the obvious "Whales Tails" and "Oomingmak" which is an Inuit name for the muskox. "The Thinner the Air" could refer to the fact that much of the continent is more than 3 kilometers above sea level; at this altitude air becomes noticeably thinner. As is often the case with Fraser's vocals, the lyrics are indecipherable.

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