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  • Topic aliases (/common/topic/alias) are short snippets of text that provide alternate names to topics in Freebase.Things that are valid aliases:1. Synonyms.ex. Locomotive is an alias of Train.2. Nicknames and pseudonyms.ex. The King is an alias of Elvis Presley.3. Full person names including prefixes and/or suffixes.ex. William Henry Gates III is an alias of Bill Gates.4. Acronyms and abbreviations.ex. MS is an alias of Microsoft.5. Anglicized names with accents removed.ex. Beyonce is an alias of Beyoncé.6. Previous names.ex. Galvin Manufacturing Corporation is an alias of Motorola.7. Disambiguated locations.ex. San Francisco, California is an alias of San Francisco.Things that are NOT valid aliases:1. Commonly mis-spelled variations of the topic name.ex. Berak Obama is NOT an alias of Barack Obama.2. Related terms.ex. Golf course is NOT an alias of Golf.3. Adjective forms of nouns.ex. Mexican is NOT an alias of Mexico.4. First or last names on their own.ex. Gordon is NOT an alias of Gordon Brown.5. "Leet speak"ex. M1cR0s0ft is NOT an alias of Microsoft.6. ISO codes.ex. ISO 3166-1:ES is NOT an alias of Spain.7. Stock ticker symbols.ex. GOOG is NOT an alias of Google.

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