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  • Our Mission Improve patient care by developing molecular diagnostics that translate an individual's immune status into clinically actionableinformation. About XDx Founded in 2000, XDx is a molecular diagnostics company based in South San Francisco, Calif. Setting the stage for a new era in personalized medicine, XDx is one of the first companies to develop and commercialize practical applications built on insights from the Human Genome Project. The company has developed a proprietary new method for noninvasively monitoring the immune system by measuring gene expression in a patient’s peripheral blood. The technology offers the potential to decrease healthcare costs and significantly improve the quality of life for patients with a variety of life-threatening or life-altering, immune-mediateddiseases. This work is the basis for AlloMapTM molecular expression testing, a service provided by XDx through its clinical laboratory in South San Francisco, California. AlloMap testing provides transplant physicians a new tool for post-cardiac transplant patient management. The lab received CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments) certification in November 2004. AlloMap testing is being incorporated into clinical practice at leading U.S. cardiac transplant centers. XDx's First Market: Post-Cardiac Transplant Patient Management Worldwide, approximately 4,500 cardiac transplants are performed annually and the approximately 30,000 patients living with transplants visit their physician an aggregate of over 100,000 times per year. These visits are vital to monitor whether the patient's immune system is rejecting the transplanted heart and whether the patient is able to tolerate the powerful immunosuppressive drugs that attempt to prevent the immune system from attacking and rejecting the new heart. Current clinical practice calls for multiple cardiac biopsies, as many as 10 or more, in the first year post-transplant, where pathologists look for microscopic evidence of rejection. These invasive procedures are necessary despite the fact that over 75% of the time, they provide a negative result- the patient's immune system is not rejecting the transplanted heart. While cardiac biopsy is the gold standard for monitoring transplant rejection, there is a critical need for a better tool. XDx is working to introduce AlloMap as that better tool to monitor rejection. Broad Based Technology Platform The AlloMap molecular expression technology developed and implemented by XDx in heart transplant patient management may be broadly applicable to other diseases that involve the immune system. Lung, kidney, liver, pancreas and bone marrow transplantation are all complicated by rejection mediated through the immune system. XDx also foresees opportunities in common autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases that involve activation or dysfunction of the immune system.

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