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  • The Yellow Line of the Washington Metro consists of 17 rapid transit stations from Huntington or Franconia Springfield in Virginia to either Mount Vernon Square, Fort Totten or Greenbelt. During rush hours, a small handful of trains run from Franconia Springfield to Greenbelt and the final two trains which depart from Huntington before afternoon peak service continue north to Greenbelt. Additional Yellow Line trains may continue passenger service to Greenbelt during off-peak hours and weekends in order to stage them for Green Line service or for storage at the Greenbelt rail yard. In non rush/peak hours, almost all regularly scheduled trains run to Fort Totten. As a result of Metro's "Rush Plus" services, started on June 18, 2012, the Yellow Line now sees some peak hours trains ending at Greenbelt in Maryland and some trains originating from Franconia Springfield in Virginia. The additional result of Rush Plus is that the section of the Yellow Line between Shaw–Howard University and Fort Totten sees more off-peak hours service than peak hours service from the Yellow Line, however, all stations along that section are also served by the Green Line.