What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Type /engineering/power_plug_standard/plug_type /engineering/power_plug_standard_type enumerated

The grouping of this plug e.g. type A, B or K etc..

master, unique, disambiguating
Rated Current /engineering/power_plug_standard/rated_current /type/float never_assert A

The maximum current for which this standard allows

unique, disambiguating
Rated voltage /engineering/power_plug_standard/rated_voltage /type/float never_assert V

The maximum allowed voltage across this plug as defined by this standard

unique, disambiguating
Grounded /engineering/power_plug_standard/grounded /type/boolean never_assert

The presence of a means of grounding this plug, normally a third pin

Polarised /engineering/power_plug_standard/polarised /type/boolean never_assert

Indicates whether the plug standard supports polarisation - i.e. one connector is neutral and the other live. This is a safety feature of many standards

Fused /engineering/power_plug_standard/fused /type/boolean never_assert

Indicates whether a plug standard requires a fuse. A fuse is an automatic switch which breaks the connection if the rated current is exceeded.

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Power plug standard type
Plug standards