What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Initial release date /film/film/initial_release_date /type/datetime never_assert

The earliest official initial film screening date in any country whether it's a premiere or a film festival (test screenings and private showings should not be used to determine this).

unique, disambiguating
Tagline /film/film/tagline /type/text never_assert

The text of the tag line or slogan used to promote the film.

Directed by /film/film/directed_by /film/director

The person(s) who directed the making of the film.

master, disambiguating
Performances /film/film/starring /film/performance mediator reverse
Personal appearances /film/film/personal_appearances /film/personal_film_appearance mediator reverse
Dubbing performances /film/film/dubbing_performances /film/dubbing_performance mediator reverse
Genres /film/film/genre /film/film_genre master
Subjects /film/film/subjects /film/film_subject

This property is for anything that a film can be said to be about or which features strongly in a film. This can be the subject of a documentary, the person (or people) whose life is the basis of a biopic, or simply a topic that is dealt with in a film.

Executive produced by /film/film/executive_produced_by /film/producer

The executive producer(s) for the film

Produced by /film/film/produced_by /film/producer

Credited as a producer in the film (this property is not meant for executive, associate, or assistant producers. The former has it's own property, the latter two should be part of the other crew property of this film).

Screenplay by /film/film/written_by /film/writer

Film Writer type includes people who are accredited to have worked upon the screenplay for the film. Sometimes multiple people are listed even if their contributions were never included in the final shooting script for the film.

Story by /film/film/story_by /film/film_story_contributor master
Cinematography /film/film/cinematography /film/cinematographer master
Edited by /film/film/edited_by /film/editor master
Release date(s) /film/film/release_date_s /film/film_regional_release_date mediator

The initial release date for a film for a region (eg., separate entries for a film of 5-1-2010 for USA, 20-2-2010 for UK and 14-3-2010 for China).

Casting director /film/film/film_casting_director /film/film_casting_director

The lead person(s) involved in casting of this film production

Production design by /film/film/film_production_design_by /film/film_production_designer

The lead production designer(s) responsible on the film production

Art direction by /film/film/film_art_direction_by /film/film_art_director

The art director(s) of this film production

Set Decoration by /film/film/film_set_decoration_by /film/film_set_designer

Set designer for film production (assistants and other associated set designer roles are to be listed in Other crew)

Costume design by /film/film/costume_design_by /film/film_costumer_designer

Responsible for the overall design of costumes of the film, individual designs/gowns for a star should be listed in Other crew

Other crew /film/film/other_crew /film/film_crew_gig mediator

Used for all the other crew members of a film production that do not have an existing specifically named crew property (eg. gaffer, best boy, greens supervisor, make-up artist, etc.).

Music by /film/film/music /film/music_contributor

The composer(s) of the music in this film.

Runtime /film/film/runtime /film/film_cut mediator reverse
Languages /film/film/language /language/human_language

The language (or sometimes languages) spoken (or, for silent movies, written) in the original release of the film.

Primary language /film/film/primary_language /language/human_language

The primary language spoken in the original release of this film (or written in the case of a silent movies with subtitles). May be more than one language, but the languages must be present in a more than substantial portion of the film.

Country of origin /film/film/country /location/country

The country (or countries) of origin of this film.

Notable filming locations /film/film/featured_film_locations /film/film_location

Enter places in which the film was filmed "on location." To enter settings for the film (which may or may not be related to where it was actually shot), add the type "Work of Fiction" and use the "Settings" property there.

Gross revenue /film/film/gross_revenue /measurement_unit/dated_money_value mediator

The current domestic gross revenue of the film (USA region)

Estimated budget /film/film/estimated_budget /measurement_unit/dated_money_value mediator
Rated /film/film/rating /film/content_rating master
Trailers /film/film/trailers /type/uri never_assert

Links to trailers for this film (eg. film trailer "bar" on

Film Collections /film/film/film_collections /film/film_collection master, hidden
Soundtrack /film/film/soundtrack /music/soundtrack master
Featured Song /film/film/featured_song /film/film_featured_song

Song(s) that were written specifically for the film (or pre-existing song(s) used for great effect within the film). This is meant for the notable (or so noted in the credits for pre-1980's films) and not every single song that is placed within a production (think of Casablanca's "As Time Goes By," Dirty Dancing's "We're Having the Time of Our Lives," Goldfinger's "Goldfinger," Mortal Kombat's "Theme From Mortal Kombat," and Ghostbuster's "Ghostbusters").

Featured Locations /film/film/locations /location/location

DEPRECATED. Use /film/film/featured_film_locations instead.

deprecated, hidden
Film Series /film/film/film_series /film/film_series reverse
Sequel /film/film/sequel /film/film

The film that comes next within the series.

Prequel /film/film/prequel /film/film

The film that comes before within the series.

Film format /film/film/film_format /film/film_format enumerated master
Production companies /film/film/production_companies /film/production_company master
Distributors /film/film/distributors /film/film_film_distributor_relationship mediator reverse
Other film companies /film/film/other_film_companies /film/film_film_company_relationship mediator reverse
Netflix ID /film/film/netflix_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/netflix/movie
Film festivals /film/film/film_festivals /film/film_festival_event

Festivals in which this film has been screened. Enter the specific festival (e.g. 2007 Cannes Film Festival) rather than the name of the festival itself.

NY Times ID /film/film/nytimes_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /source/nytimes/movie
Metacritic film ID /film/film/metacritic_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /source/metacritic/movie
Apple movie trailer ID /film/film/apple_movietrailer_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /source/apple/movietrailer
Rotten Tomatoes ID /film/film/rottentomatoes_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /source/rottentomatoes/movie
Trailer Addict ID /film/film/traileraddict_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /source/traileraddict/movie
Fandango ID /film/film/fandango_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /source/fandango/movie
Pre-production /film/film/pre_production /measurement_unit/time_interval mediator

The start and end dates of the film's pre-production (includes all phases of development for the film) before actual filming begins.

Filming /film/film/filming /measurement_unit/time_interval mediator

The start and end dates for the production (shooting film) phase of creating the the film.

Post-production /film/film/post_production /measurement_unit/time_interval mediator

The start and end dates for the post-production (effects, editing, scoring etc.).

Songs /film/film/songs /film/film_song_relationship mediator

Songs or instrumental music played as part of the film, including music performed by members of the cast as part of their performances and incidental or background music.

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