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Describe any person, place, or concept. This is the most common type in Freebase and is used to describe an is a relationship between topics (eg. San Francisco undefined city)

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This domain doesn't have any Types.

Chef /dining/chef 2 1,428

A chef is a professional cook.

Cuisine /dining/cuisine 6 295

The Cuisine type represents various categories of cooking styles. Most of the major styles are already represented, but there are probably a few holes that need to be filled. If you add a new cuisine instance, check to see if there are any restaurants in Freebase that serve food in that style, and add them to the "restaurant" property.

Restaurant /dining/restaurant 3 8,583

The restaurant type represents single restaurants as well as restaurant chains. You can help by checking to see if your favorite local restaurants are here; if so, please verify that the information is correct, and if not, please add them! (Note: if you want to search by location, please see the retail location type) Read the related help topic for Adding a restaurant  

Blended spirit /distilled_spirits/blended_spirit 5 31

A Blended spirit is some specific combination of distilled spirits. Blended Scotches (such as Johnnie Walker or Crown Royal) are perhaps the best-known kind, but specific blended cognacs, tequilas, or vodkas are also appropriate here.

Blended spirit style /distilled_spirits/blended_spirit_style 1 11

A Blended spirit style is a class of blended spirits; not a specific brand or bottling, but the general family of product.

Distilled spirit /distilled_spirits/distilled_spirit 7 325

A Distilled spirit is an unblended product of a single distillery. It may be a general product of a distillery, a product line, or a specific bottling.

Distilled spirit type /distilled_spirits/distilled_spirit_type 4 35

A Distilled spirit type is a kind of spirit, such as whisky, gin, or tequila. It describes the general properties of a spirit, as opposed to the specific product of a distillery or bottling.

Distillery /distilled_spirits/distillery 2 93

A Distillery is a producer of distilled spirits. It may also be a company, be part of a larger company, or even be an individual.

Fermentation base /distilled_spirits/fermentation_base 1 17

A Fermentation base is a plant which provides sugar for fermentation, used in a distilled spirit.

Infused spirit /distilled_spirits/infused_spirit 5 71

An Infused spirit is a specific product made by combining distilled spirits or a blend with various flavors, including fruit, herbs, coffee, or anything else. Specific gins, flavored vodkas, and aquavits are some examples.

Infused spirit style /distilled_spirits/infused_spirit_style 1 5

An Infused spirit style is a general class of infusions, such as gin, liqueur, etc.

Spirit product manufacturer /distilled_spirits/spirit_blender 2 18

A Spirit blender is an agency (a company or a person) who blends spirits for sale or consumption.

Spirit bottler /distilled_spirits/spirit_bottler 1 27

A Spirit bottler is an agency (usually a company) who bottles spirits for sale and/or consumption. They may also be distilleries; they may be independent bottling companies; they may be blenders; they may be hobbyists.

Spirit-producing region /distilled_spirits/spirit_producing_region 1 21

A Spirit-producing region is any region noted for production of distinctive spirits, such as Speyside, Kentucky, or Cognac.

Beer /food/beer 11 3,948

Beer is one of the world's oldest alcoholic beverages, possibly brewed for the first time over 10,000 years ago, according to renowned beer writer Michael Jackson. It is a fermented beverage made from malted barley, hops, yeast and water, and is carbonated in almost all cases. By altering the production method (changes in time and temperature, for example) or the ingredients, a staggeringly wide variety of different types of beer can be produced. Much like fine wines, many beers can also be aged and evolve into beverages that defy the common definitions of beer.

Beer container /food/beer_container 1 20

A beer container is something, such as a can or bottle, in which beer can be packaged and sold.

Beer country / region /food/beer_country_region 1 109

A beer country/region is a place where a beer in brewed.

Beer style /food/beer_style 7 163

A beer style is defined by the ingredients used in its production, the method of production, and other factors.

Beer Style Category /food/beer_style_category 2 28

A beer style category is a grouping of similar beer styles. The names of these style categories represent those maintained by the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program).

Beverage /food/beverage 0 1,617

This type is still being designed - not sure yet if/how it will be used. Is this an included type on 'whisky' and 'beer'?

Beverage type /food/beverage_type 0 16

This type is still being designed - not sure yet if/how it will be used. It may be redundant to the typing system in general. If something is typed 'whisky' - does it also need to be typed beverage and then assigned a type like 'alcoholic beverage type'?

Bottled water /food/bottled_water 17 20

Bottled water is drinking water packaged in bottles for individual consumption and retail sale.

Brewery / Brand of beer /food/brewery_brand_of_beer 2 1,422

A brewery can be a building or place that produces beer, or a business involved in the production of beer. Breweries can take up multiple city blocks, or be a collection of equipment in a homebrewer's kitchen.

Candy bar /food/candy_bar 3 141

A candy bar is a candy that is packaged and sold roughly in the shape of a bar.

Candy bar manufacturer /food/candy_bar_manufacturer 1 28

A candy bar manufacturer is a company that makes candy bars.

Cheese /food/cheese 12 612

Cheese is a solid food made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep, and other mammals. The milk is curdled using some combination of rennet (or rennet substitutes) and acidification. Bacteria acidify the milk and play a role in defining the texture and flavor of most cheeses. Some cheeses also feature molds, either on the outer rind or throughout.

Cheese certification /food/cheese_certification 2 4

A cheese certification is a type of recognition (such as an official statement of the place of origin) given to a cheese.

Cheese milk source /food/cheese_milk_source 1 7

Any type of animal whose milk is used to make cheese can have this type.

Cheese texture /food/cheese_texture 1 12

Cheese texture is a classification of cheese referring tothe visual and especially tactile quality of its surface.

Culinary measure /food/culinary_measure 0 50

This type is for any unit of measure used in a recipe. It can include volume and weight units (such as litre, cup, teaspoon, gram, pound, etc.), as well as more approximate measures like "pinch" or "handful" or "clove" (of garlic).

Culinary Technique /food/culinary_technique 1 16

Techniques or procedures used in food preparation, outside of the usual chopping and stirring.

Culinary tool /food/culinary_tool 1 144

A culinary tool is any tool or device that can be used for food preparation and cooking.

Diet /food/diet 2 26

This type is used for all special diets, whether used for reasons of health, ethics, religion, etc.

Diet follower /food/diet_follower 1 216

This type is included for famous/notable people who follow certain diets, such as Alanis Morisette being vegan.

Dietary restriction /food/dietary_restriction 2 4

A dietary restriction is a limitation that people have in the foods that they eat for either health or ethical reasons.

Dish /food/dish 4 2,726

A dish is a food prepared and presented in a certain way. These are foods that are ready to be served and eaten as a meal itself, or part of a larger meal. The dish type includes anything that is the end product of a recipe, including things that are primarily ingredients in or components of a larger dish (like roux or icing or pie crust). For more information, please see the Freebase wiki page on Dish.

Drinking establishment /food/drinking_establishment 2 1,346

Any place whose main purpose is the serving of alcoholic drinks.

Drinking establishment type /food/drinking_establishment_type 1 14

This type is for classifications of drinking establishments.

Food /food/food 4 8,587

A food is any edible substance with nutritional value, whether it's a basic foodstuff like rice or apples, or a commercial product like Poptarts or I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

Ingredient /food/ingredient 7 1,901

Ingredients are the constituent parts of food. An apple pie contains ingredients such as flour, butter, apples, sugar, and cinnamon.

Drinking establishment licensee /food/licensee 1 2

A licensee is an individual or organization that holds (or has held) the liquor license for a drinking establishment.

Nutrient /food/nutrient 1 149

A nutrient is a substance, typically contained in food, which is used by an organism to grow or maintain health or for energy. The Nutrient type includes macronutrients and micronutrients, as well as categories of nutrients (such as carbohydrate or fat), and both essential and inessential nutrients.

Recipe /food/recipe 12 75

A recipe is a method of preparing a dish.  Dishes may have multiple recipes.  For instance, there may be many different recipes for chocolate chip cookies.Notes on filling out recipe details:Put the steps of the recipe in the instructions property. For ingredients which are measured in units, eg. 6 apples, just leave "unit" blank.For ingredients which commonly come in cans/jars/packets, specify the actual weight or volume rather than "1 packet", as packet sizes may varyThe equipment field should only be used for special-purpose equipment which is not common to most recipes.  For instance, you would list "blender" but not "knife".

Recipe author /food/recipe_author 1 16

A recipe author is anyone who has written a recipe.

Recipe collection /food/recipe_collection 1 17

This type represents the source of a recipe in Freebase. That is, when a recipe is entered in Freebase, it can be connected to the place the recipe was first published, such as a book, website, magazine issue, etc.

Tea /food/tea 2 91

Tea is a beverage made by steeping processed leaves, buds or twigs of the tea bush Camellia sinensis in hot water for a few minutes. The processing can include oxidation (fermentation), heating, drying and the addition of other herbs, flowers, spices and fruits. There are four types of true tea: black tea, oolong tea, green tea, and white tea.This type is for the general varieties of tea (e.g., Darjeeling or gunpowder). Specific products (such as Twining's Earl Grey tea) should not use this type.

Tea type /food/tea_type 1 9

There are four types of true tea: black tea, oolong tea, green tea, and white tea.

Type of dish /food/type_of_dish 1 59

This type is used to classify dishes into broad categories, such as appetizers, soups, desserts, etc.

Wine style /food/wine_style 4 123

A wine style is a definition of a variety of wine based on factors such as place of origin (such as a DOC) or grape composition. For varieties of wine based on methods of production (such as sparkling wine, still wine, fortified wine, etc.) use the Wine Type type.

Appellation /wine/appellation 1 411

A small wine producing area. It is bigger than a winery, but smaller than a sub-region or region. Appelation will generally come from an offically recognized source of appelations like US TTB defines American Viticultural Areas, or DOC defines appelations for Piemonte, or AOC for France.

Fruit Source /wine/fruit_source 1 3

The source of the fruit or juice used in making a wine, i.e. whether they are producer-owned or purchased.

Grape Variety /wine/grape_variety 2 589

Type of grape used in making a wine. Examples include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Vineyard /wine/vineyard 1 724

A vineyard is a piece of land on which grapes are grown.

Wine /wine/wine 15 6,688

A wine is a bottled vintage of wine. It represents a particular bottling of a wine (e.g. "1966 Chateau Latour Grand Vin") rather than a wine that is produced annually in different vintages (e.g. "Chateau Latour Grand Vin")

Wine color /wine/wine_color 1 3

Possible values are Red, White, and Rosé.

Wine Producer /wine/wine_producer 1 1,242

A wine producer is a company or organization that makes wines.

Wine Region /wine/wine_region 2 209

A wine region is an area in which wines are grown. This can include certified regions such as those granted French appellation d'origine contrle status, as well as more general regions and less formally-defined regions.

Wine Sub-region /wine/wine_sub_region 1 58

A wine sub-region is a wine-producing region that falls within the boundaries of another region. For example, the Napa Valley region is within the North Coast AVA region.

Wine Type /wine/wine_type 2 7

A wine style is a definition of a variety of wine based on factors such as methods of production (such as sparkling wine, still wine, fortified wine, etc.). . For varieties of wine based place of origin (such as a DOC) or grape composition (such as champagne, burgundy, port, etc.) use the Wine Style type

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Describe the relationship between two or more Types. For example, the film performance Mediator in Film describes the relationship between a movie, an actor, and a character. We use film performance to assert that Heath Ledger played the character of The Joker in the film The Dark Knight.

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This domain doesn't have any Mediators.

Restaurant-chef association /dining/restaurant_chef_association 4 1,075

This type connects restaurants to their chefs.

Spirit aging /distilled_spirits/spirit_aging 4 15

A compound value type representing an aging of a spirit in a particular kind of container for a particular amount of time.

Beer containment /food/beer_containment 3 3,009

This type is used to connect beers, container types, and container sizes.

Beer production /food/beer_production 2 12

This type stores beer production volumes by date.

Licensee tenure /food/licensee_tenure 4 1

This type is used to connect entities that hold liquor licenses to the drinking establishments the license is for.

Nutrition Fact /food/nutrition_fact 4 48,593

This is a compound-value type used to connect information about the amount of a nutrient in 100g of a particular food.

Recipe ingredient /food/recipe_ingredient 5 367

This is a compound-value type that holds information about the amount of an ingredient used in a recipe.

Recipe instruction /food/recipe_instruction 3 -

A single step in the recipe.

Grape Variety Composition /wine/grape_variety_composition 3 6,189

A compound value type (CVT) which links wines with the varietals/grape varieties which make them up.

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